Saturday, October 24, 2015

Current Live Rig

Part of my setup last night at Von Krahl. Photo by Evert Palmets

Epiphone SG Electric Guitar
Jupiter Bass Clarinet (with Pasoana Mk2.1 Clarinet Pickup)
Prophet 08 Synthesiser
Yamaha Flute
Sonor Drums (+ Sabian Cymbals)

Effects & Signal Paths:
Boss RC20XL Loopstation
Guitar & Bass Clarinet -> Korg Kaoss Pad 2 (mic input for guitar and line-in for bass clarinet) -> Boss Harmonist -> Mic Input of Loopstation
Prophet 08 - > Doepfer Dark Energy Synthesiser -> Behringer VD Distortion -> Instrument input of Loopstation 

The Loopstation's output normally connects into the input of a noiseless direct box, supplied by venues when I play live and that in turn is connected to the PA system.

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